This girl discerns the course she would like to take if she gets the chance to go to college.

Polomolok, South Cotabato

2 thoughts on “Contemplating

  1. karandom says:

    What type of editing did you use with this photo? Was this the original quality? I want to see her eyes, that emotion of contemplation. The fade is wonderfully pulling to the main focus (the girl), but it leaves me staring too much at her hair. But don’t listen to a thing I’ve said, cause only a fool thinks they know what they are talking about.


  2. aclworld says:

    You are right; her hair actually covers a big space in the pic… haha. i didn’t want to disturb her while doing that activity, so I can’t shot at an angle from which I could see mor eof her eyes.

    I didn’t do much editing in her. I just lessened the saturation. There was just too much light in the background.

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