Flowers in the Field


This photo was taken at the back of our school buiding at Alabel National Science High School. What I like about our school is that we are closer to nature. In this picture, I emphasized depth using an 8MP digicam I borrowed from my student.

6 thoughts on “Flowers in the Field

  1. ted says:

    those are really pretty flowers.

  2. Ely says:

    nice photo! You must be a pro?!

  3. ayel says:

    naku, hindi po ako pro…hehe

  4. bariles says:

    ariel, this has got to be one of the best flower shots i have seen in a long time… kahit ako, di pa ako nakagawa ng ganyan kagandang pagkakakuha!

    Paturo nga!


  5. ayel says:

    Naku po, Sir Avel. Flattered naman po ako…I tried the macro setting of the camera…yun lang po…

  6. reigh says:

    wow, galing galing naman ng pic!!

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