A New Beginning for Digital Detours

I have always been interested in photography even before I had access to resources. Oddly, I didn’t have the resources.

I first got hold of a camera when I was grade four. A group of visitors in our school asked me to take a picture of them. I was told to simply depress the button on top of the camera after peering through the whole. Common sense told me that what I see through the viewfinder would be what the output would look like.

Maybe I just learn very quickly that after that experience, I had always been asked to take pictures–in family, school, and church activities. And I loved it.

I have wanted to join the photojournalism competition in high school but the slot was alwyas given to those who have their cameras, I didn’t have mine so I just settled on writing contests, in which I never won.

In college, I had plenty of opportunities to take pictures  when I became a staff of the school publication. In some instances, I, myself took the pictures that accompanied my articles.

After graduation, I worked as a research and publication assistant in the univesity. most of my tasks involved covering events. It was my first time to get hold of a bit sophisticated digital camera. That experience strengthened my desire to learn the craft. So I read a lot about photography. I observe the styles of known photojournalists in the country. And of course, I practice whenever I get the chance.

Keeping this blog has helped me a lot in improving my craft. Starting this year, I will be sharing with you the new things I learn and other information related to photography, digital imaging, news and media, gadgets, as well as insights on fields related to these.

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One thought on “A New Beginning for Digital Detours

  1. bariles says:

    So true. Fotos also make blogs more interesting and reader-friendly.

    Looking forward to your future blogs, my friend.

    Blog on!

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