THERE IS something about kids that makes wanna take pictures of them. It is maybe because the outcome is usually surprising or maybe its because whatever emotion they show, the are always delightful to look at. It is maybe because their emotions are real. That is how we want pictures to look–as real as reality.

Two of the kids in this pictures have appeared in one of my posts before.

I saw this picture in one of the folders I keep. I didn’t appreciate it before much as I do now.


2 thoughts on “Freshness

  1. Geisha says:

    love it! i saw your OMNIANA and its very nostalgic for me! no really!

    been eic for 3 years but ours has never been as progressive as yours (maybe). censorship in the campus press has always been on the spotlight.

    dont let the last straw break the camels back!

    to write is already to choose! 😀

  2. Ayel says:

    Geisha, thanks for visiting my blog. I didn’t know there was censorship during your time. We looked back to the fight waged by the editors in 1998 to set on fire our outrage in 2007. Ngayong gumradweyt na rin ako, I am happy for what we did.

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