Ladol Beach

WHENEVER MY family is gathered, we always make it a point that we go to the beach together. And Ladol Beach in my hometown, Alabel, Sarangani Province, has witnessed a number of family gatherings. If you have time to scan our photos at home from the 1970’s to the present, there are always shots taken on the sands of Ladol beach.

If you are thinking that Ladol beach is a tourist spot, you are mistaken. It’s a public beach near a fishing village so it is not well maintained. People just go the shore, spread blankets on the sand, assemble their umbrellas, or makeshift tents, where they can share with their family fresh fish grilled on the seashore or sweet homemade kakanins. Some groups rent shabby cottages near the shore while others are content with parking their vehicles near the water, as in this picture:


17 thoughts on “Ladol Beach

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  2. Mikko says:


    Ang ganda ng pagkakuha!

  3. cors says:

    Anung camera gamit mo?Hehe..Gusto ko bumili ng Nikon SLR..hay…I’m into photography lately,influenced by my officemates,ang galing nila..hehehe

  4. Ayel says:

    Thanks, mikko. Cors, I just borrowed my niece’s camera…i forgot the brand. mumurahin lang yata yun. hehe. Ako rin, balak ko bumili ng sariling cam…pang business. Hehe.

  5. trizz says:

    wow ang ganda ng shots. Edited po ba? o hindi?
    ang galing! and what camera did you used?

  6. Ayel says:

    hehe…trizZz…ordinary digicam lang yan. Pero I did edit the lighting sa PS. Hehe

  7. trizzz says:

    haha. ayun! kaya pala saturated eh. Nicely edited!


  8. cors says:

    so business minded ni Sir Ayel..hehe..good idea naman eh:D ayos!

  9. hi Ayel,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for that very inspiring comment. You got beautiful travel photos too. Keep on shooting!


    P.S. I would love to shoot scenes in Glan and Alabel one of these days :).

  10. Ayel says:

    thanks po, kuya Allan!

  11. toto says:


    can you post a “How to get there thing”

    para sa mga gustong pumunta dun. (read:isa na ko didto, hehehe)

  12. aclworld says:

    Cge po, pag sinipag po ako…hehe.. I’d love to do that…

  13. Bhavesh vinodbhai Patel says:

    Bhavesh v patel
    Nava harshddhpura

  14. OHyeah says:


    murag dili ladol ba….

    taga dra man gud ko sauna…

    sayang wala man nakuhaan ang gilid jud sa dagat…

    makita unta ang ibidensya…


    7: )

  15. imae says:

    hehehehe…………maganda tlaga ang ladol beach kasi nkapunta na ako……….mlapit lng sa amin yan…… mas mganda ang ang SACI beach……….try nung pumnta sa place nmin ……….

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