Stop and Smell the Rose

OKAY, OKAY. The flowers above are not roses. Actually, I don’t know what they are called. They’re just beautiful flowers. But because they’re commonly found anywhere here, no one seems to notice their beauty. And if the people are just too busy, they would never have the time to behold how wonderful is God’s creation.

Flowers are good subjects in photography because they are naturally beautiful. Photographers, however, have to see to it that their beauty are captured justly.

(Captured using 1.3 MP cellphone camera at midday)

3 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Rose

  1. […] Well, I did stop and smell the rose today. I took some pictures of the flowers inside the campus and posted them on Digital Detours. […]

  2. you are right bro, flowers are common subjects in photography. beautiful captures, considering they were captured using a cellphone camera. thanks for sharing.

  3. aclworld says:

    Thanks, Sir Allan. 😀

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