My Photo Appeared on a Local Newspaper

LAST WEEK, we were given copies of the local daily that bore the news that my hometown, Alabel, Sarangani Province is applying to become a city.

I was struck by the stark resemblance of one of the photos in the frontpage to a photo I once posted here. I suspect that the staff of Brigada News surfed the web for photos and came across my post on Ladol Beach.

As seen in the newspaper, there was deliberate attempt by the layout artist to remove the large watermark I put on the picture. There is a darkened portion on the spot where the watermark was placed. Take a look at the pictures below that serve as proofs of it:

The Newspaper Cover

The Photo in Question: Compare

I have no qualms about my photo being posted in the newspaper. In fact, I am happy that they consider my picture worthy on the space. But I would have been happier if I was properly acknowledged, or at least, if they left comment on this blog, which would have taken only a few seconds of their time. 😀

6 thoughts on “My Photo Appeared on a Local Newspaper

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  2. Ravinder says:

    congratulations, that you got your pic in newspaper.

  3. ark says:

    Tama ka bro. It’s the same picture. Tama ka rin na you should have been given a recognition for your work.

  4. ayel says:

    Hi, ark! Thanks for viewing my blog. be visiting yours, too.!

  5. Angela Gooch says:

    This is horrendous, but by no means a unique occurence. Some of our local newspapers in Skegness UK do exactly the same trick, with information as well – one of the Lincolnshire Echo’s publications (souvenir of the Skegness Jolly Fisherman’s Centenary) was packed with information they had lifted from my website, without any acknowledgement to the hours of research I had done!
    I should send them a bill if I were you!

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