Emo: My First Vector Art

AFTER SPENDING a night on this, I’m finally posting my first vector art. It feel triumphant, noting how rigorous the process is, at least, for me.

I started with this pic:


I know, this is not the best size for creating a vector art. It is best that you start with large photos.

Using only Adobe Photoshop because I don’t have Adobe Illustrator here, I came up with this:

It’s the first time that I used the pen tool. I swear. I didn’t know how to use it if I didn’t decide to learn how to create vector.

When I first saw vector rendering of some photos before, I thought it could be created in one click. I thought you’re just gonna use an Adobe Photoshop Plugin. But no, it could take you hours if you’re into detail.

For this one, I spent about five hours including trying to figure out what tools to use.

So, that’s the story of my first ever vector art. There’s plenty of tutorials online, you should try this activity if you haven’t done it yet.

3 thoughts on “Emo: My First Vector Art

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  2. ayel says:

    Thanks po.. 😀

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