Ladol Again


Early morning at Ladol Beach



I ONCE featured Ladol Beach here before. One of  the two pictures I posted even appeared (without my permission) on a local newspaper.

Ladol is not really a tourist spot material, being too close to the town’s residential and industrial areas, but for the ordinary people of Alabel it is a valuable resource.


Ladol teems with life



Despite the silt carried by frequent floods to the shores of Ladol, local fishermen and fish cage operators can still manage a good catch from its waters. With its shabby cottages and a shoreline that is occasionally covered with driftwood and trash, it has witnessed numerous family gatherings.

Last summer, I had an intimate affair with Ladol beach, visiting her each day–just before the sun set below the horizon. And here are some pictures I took using my phone’s camera:


A docked fishing boat



Two friends on the shore



A driftwood


5 thoughts on “Ladol Again

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  2. barrycyrus says:

    i love the last pic!

    -dropping by

  3. It’s great to get a glimpse of our beloved country. Fishing activity is not new to me because I had been a participant of the “baling”. Sometimes my sister and I including my late mother would feed the mambabaling with merienda kasi gutom na gutom yong mga mangingisda. Sarah mag nostalgic trip ah.

    Ito naman ang buhay ko.

  4. ayel says:

    Thanks, bonnie. It’s really nice to look back at the past…

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