Little Fishermen

WHILE SEARCHING for my soul on the shores of Ladol (again), I found these kids who are about to launch a small boat for fishing. They appeared so happy doing it that I wished I was a young boy again.

When I was a kid, I sneaked out of the house to go with my cousin and another friend from the neighborhood. We went to this same place, caught two small fishes and grilled them in a cottage nearby.

On our way home, we came across my father, whom we thought was furious at me for escaping. I was very afraid when he lifted his hand in a manner that  looked like he was about to slap me.

We silently walked home with his hand on my shoulder. That’s the most memorable moment I had with my Tatay, who is now in the Lord’s hand.

Setting out proves a difficult task to do.

Buoyant force lightens the work.

The joy these kids radiate is priceless.

3 thoughts on “Little Fishermen

  1. lito says:

    the kids look happy !

    makarelate ako dito kasi ito rin ang ginagawa namin nung bata pa kami .it was fun….

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