The Tee Ministry

I HAVE started my small venture at home. Although I know I could eventually earn from it, my other goals do not involve money.

First, I want to explore the world of entrepreneurship. I used to sell a variety of products before, but this time, I am formally embarking on an entrepreneurial venture, which I am putting up little by little. Secondly, I want to put to use the skills that I managed to learn in the recent years. A lover of both art and technology, I have been so engrossed with digital art. Now, you know what my small business is about. And ultimately, I want to give glory to God. Hence, the birth of The Tee Ministry.

The Tee Ministry is my collection of original T-shirt designs that each bear a Christian message. It is, in a way, a means of spreading the good news to the mainstream public. Statement shirts are in trend today, so it is just but timely and appropriate to to send Christian message in a manner that today’s youth can appreciate.

By wearing The Tee Ministry shirts, you also take part in witnessing for Christ.

Here is a sample design from The Tee Ministry collection:

Email me ariellalisan[at]gmail[dot]com for more samples and to place your orders. You may also text or call me at 09167056091.

Aside from The Tee Ministry, we also have other collections like our Sci-Fun, Pro-Earth, and Bold Statements collections.

Our shirts can be modified according to you specifications and we would like to discuss the details with you.

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