fatherhood photo

I ONCE rode on the same jeepney with this man and his two kids on my way home. I found something beautiful about the scene so I snapped a photo of them with my cellphone camera. Until now, the photo still evokes the same emotion I felt while on that ride.

2 thoughts on “Fatherhood

  1. Bonedoc says:

    father ka na???haha.

    well got the same experience last monday, riding a commuter van and sitting beside both parents, with mom cuddling her new born, and the dad their 4 toddlers..plus a puppy. kids were all over eating lanzones while sweating profusely and wiping their nose (colds, huh). the van’s air conditioning suck so i opened the windows to breath. thats was for 3 hours! and you think what i was thinking? WTF is a puppy doing inside an air conditioned van??? LOL I was laughing my hearts out till I reached my place.!

  2. aclworld says:

    How I wish, doc. Lol. No. Not yet. Not too soon. LOL.

    That’s what makes public transportation a wonderful experience. Hehe.

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