Social Entrepreneurship


BORED WITH having to wait for a long time, I decided to edit one of my pics and turn it into a work of art.

I wanted to make it look like a fake Polaroid photo. I know it isn’t perfectly done but at least I am happy with the result, and that is exactly what I am doing art for.

The theme of that work is about green and social entrepreneurship.

People all around the world are getting more and more materialistic. As the people desire to make themselves rich and to be able to travel to places and to do what they like, they do everything regardless of whether their actions cause harm to other people and to the world in general.

Recently, however, I have discovered that there are still people who have concern for the environment and who still crave to help make this world a better place to live in.

They are the so-called social entrepreneurs. They work in various fields and causes like poverty alleviation, improvement of quality of and access to education, social security, health and medical services, housing, etc.

The Filipino social entrepreneur Illac Diaz, for example, is remarkable for his various alternatives to expensive housing and related projects.

One day, I wanna be like him and make a difference in the lives of my fellow Filipino people.

Nowadays, anyone can be part of the green and social marketing and entrepreneurship via social networks. You can try social enterprise twitter.

I found it surprising that one of the most widely used hashtags on twitter include social entrepreneurship. That means, a large number of twitter users are aware of social entrepreneurship and many of them are probably advocating causes and leading projects that benefit the society.

If there is one thing I’d like to thank technology for, it is its being an avenue for positive change to take place. There’s a social enterprise on twitter.

Look at what boredom has done to me. I have not only created a work of art, I have also pondered about social entrepreneurship.

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One thought on “Social Entrepreneurship

  1. The reality of good. At the end of one’s life,
    is not measured by how much money you made, but
    by how much you have made the world a better place.
    Successful entrepreneurs often the real impact of the
    non-profit and social enterprise switch.You know very
    well about social entrepreneurship,
    Who reads your website well.

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