jeepney crossing floodwater

HOW I wish I was on one of Italy Tour Vacations when I took this photo. But, no, I was only in Baluan, General Santos City traversing a flooded highway, and not on a Gondola in Venice, Italy.

It is almost summertime here in the Philippines but the rains seem to have no intention of giving way to the sun and the fun. Weather reports explain that this is due to low pressure areas affecting the southern par of the Philippines where I am currently at. People in my town, I’m sure, are already thinking of possible summer getaways, but we can only hope, that this summer wouldn’t be taken over by rainy days.

I am, in fact, worried due to these rains because I have weekend outdoor exploration that will begin on Saturday. I am going back to Kalaja Falls with another set of nature-loving and adventure-seeking friends. I am aware that the trail is kind of technical and the rain would make it even more difficult. As early as now, I would be praying that we would have bright sunny days on Saturday and Sunday so we would all be safe.

Going back to the photo above, it features a jeepney. The jeepney is a symbol of American-Filipino friendship. The first jeepney was designed by a Filipino from a US military truck. The Filipinos extended it to accommodate more passengers and adorned it with colorful trimmings and accessories. There is, in fact, a photo contest featuring the jeepney and I have the intention to participate in said competition. However, I am afraid because my work would just be trampled about by the entries from accomplished photographers in the country. Oh, well, as they say, there is no harm in trying.

I think, I blabbered so much in this post. Haha. Anyway, I wish you liked that photo above. Thank you.

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