ONE OF my the songs I love to sing when I and my friend go out for karaoke fun is Coldplay‘s Yellow. This photo I took of my friends when we climbed Sanchez Peak is, for me, the perfect photo to go with the song.

The two aren’t lovers but their chemistry when I asked them to pose for me made me feel there was love between them. With the sunrise in the backdrop, I could feel the warmth of their passion. Oh, how I love to fall in love.

On second thought, there is one more thing that struck me about this photo. The physique of my guy friend is clearly outlined by the play of light and shade. Of which I am envious. I have grown bigger now and am fluffed with fat. I sometimes think I have become unattractive. I wanted to scrape this thought off my head but looking at this picture I was reminded of sad state. Well, anyway, it’s not too late. I can still do something about my body. I can still workout, run, and shift to a healthier diet to reduce fat.

I happen to read about the health benefits of chia seeds. I wondered what these chia seeds are. I have read it can help reduce weight. You know, recently I have been a little obsessed about anything that can help reduce weight. Yes, I do long walks, I go trekking, I sometimes run, but I am still unable to reduce my weight. I even gained weight. So these chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that is good for the heart. I wish there are chia seeds available here.

I have also heard about the right approach to fitness, which was actually about the proper proportioning of food. I think I will need to follow this regimen, too.


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