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DIY Photo Craft: Creating a Cheap Gallery

I JUST recently felt the urge to give my room a different look. I designed to built-in shelves for my books and other important stuff. To fill the space between the shelves, I thought of putting up a gallery of my own photos. You might want to try this low-cost do-it-yourself photo gallery.

Cheap Photo Craft

Do-it-Yourself Photo Craft #1


Printer, photo paper, Illustration board, double-sided tape (with foam), scissors

Quick Procedure:

1. Print your photos on photo paper. Allow a large white space around your photo.

2. Stick your printouts onto the black side of the illustration board. Position the photo such that there will be a two-inch black border.

3. Cut the illustration board.

4. Stick your output on the wall of your room in whichever way you want.


Less than 100 pesos.

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