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exoskeleton of a molting cicada


I WOKE up at the camp site in Kalaja and saw this strange creature attached to a shirt hung on the clothesline. I came closer and found out that it was just an exoskeleton of a cicada that just went through the biological process called molting or ecdysis.

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Past Your Prime

green berries

PAST ITS PRIME. That’s what I thought when I saw these green berries. The berries grew where the beautiful flowers once were. It’s not entirely useless but it is less attractive. I somehow look at myself in the same way. I used to be a dreamer and thought that there is nothing that could go between me and my dream. Now that I’m 25 (almost) I feel like it’s time to settle down and I am thinking about midlife crisis already.

Taken at the peak of Mt. Matutum.

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Caught in the Act

I JOINED a tree planting activity yesterday in Purok Upper Alabel, Sarangani Province. We planted trees and bamboo propagules along the banks of the river.

I spotted these bugs in the act of mating. Alarmed by my presence, they scampered to look for a place to hide. I plead guilty for coitus interruptus.


Caught in the Act

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Seven-Legged Spider

7-legged spider

I KNOW arachnids are supposed to have 8 legs. But this one I saw when we climbed up Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato province in Southern Philippines last weekend only has 7 legs. Which reminds me of David Thorne‘s famous seven-legged spider drawing he used to pay his dues with.

You might say that spider just lost one of its leg. In another location, I spotted another spider that looked exactly like the one in the photo above. And yes, it also had seven legs.

7 leggedspider 2

There really are seven-legged spiders.

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Little Creature

little creature

THIS LITTLE friend of our spins its web to trap creatures smaller than itself and devour them.

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