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Interact Club Poster

THE INTERACT Club officers of our school are eager to work on their projects for the remaining months of the school year. In order to carry out these projects, the club needs more members. So, they decided to campaign for membership.

I created a poster for their campaign and here it is:

interact club poster

I wanted to give it a “teen mag” look to suit the taste of high school students. I used pastel colors and arranged the elements as you would in a scrapbook.

The text I used for the poster are derived from the Rotary International website.

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KNN PopDev for YOUth Caravan

knn popdev for youth poster

THE KABATAAN News Network, Sarangani Bureau, which is based in our school, will conduct a series of PopDev Caravan this month.

Tomorrow, the team will be in Malungon, Sarangani Province to showcase videos on Population and Development and educate some 200 young people on the subject.

Next week, they will be at Tokawal National High School.

This is the tarpaulin that they asked me to do. I tried to give it a fresh look to match the activity.  I used wood texture for the background and used Tekton Pro  and Century Gothic fonts. The concept to make the poster look like a collage of strips of paper and cutout pictures to resemble a scrapbook.

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Blogging Seminar Poster

blog poster

The Computer Science and Information Department Student Council of Notre Dame of Marbel University headed by Aethen is conducting a seminar on blogging on February 2, 2003.

Aethen says that it will be like a re-echo of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit. It is tentatively called Blogging Basics and has the following objectives:

  • To introduce blogging as new media
  • To explore blogging as a means for monetizing, Internet marketing, and advocacy.
  • To enable the participants to recognize the need to continually communicate with one another to know and understand Mindanao and its people through the available technology.
  • To utilize blogging to appreciate the beauty of Mindanao’s people, culture, places, creativity as their contribution to fostering understanding and peace on the island.
    1. I was invited to introduce blogging to non-bloggers. So, I have to paint an appealing picture of blogging to entice them to try this new medium of self-expression, information dissemination, and marketing.

      BrVince, Rolly Jude, Ria Jose would also be there to share their knowledge of and experiences with blogging.

      It is supported by Google Philippines, Jehzlau Concepts, and Matchbox Cafe.

      I hope the objectives of the seminar will really be attained.

      NDMU Poster

      Aethen asked me to do this. So I made this poster during my lunch break.

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