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Sunset Gradient

Sunset Gradient

The sky presented a beautiful gradient of colors from cool blue to bright orange. Afternoons at school are almost always like this. How lucky are we to witness this display.

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HOW I love to go on an outdoor adventure again. It’s been a very long time since I went on one. A spring like this would definitely be a calming refuge from all humdrums of my life right now.

Location: Sitio Sofan, Barangay Pag-asa, Alabel, Sarangani Province

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I ALWAYS associate children with happiness. Whenever I feel down, I look at the children and admire how happy they get with little things. I envy how simple life is to them. They have no responsibilities. They have no worries. They’re carefree.

As we grow old, we think of so many things. We become so anxious about the future that we sometimes fail to live today.

These children I met more than two years ago, reminded me to take life easy and find joy in each and every day.

Location: Sitio Kiangkos, Barangay Pag-asa, Alabel, Sarangani Province.

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