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Turning Photography from Just a Hobby into a Serious Business

One of my first jobs

I DON’T think I am ready for this now — in the future, may be. I know that it is not easy to start a business and that it requires my full time and attention if I want it to grow. Given the demands of my current day job, starting up a business out of my love of photography might not be visible. But as early as now, I think I can work things out little by little. Building an online presence would be helpful, I think. How about a social media dashboard?

Advertising has changed since the advent of the internet. The internet itself is quickly evolving and thus, strategies to utilize its power to promote products and services have also changed. In this era, social media has provided more opportunities for entrepreneurs to advertise their products and services at a very low cost. It has leveled the playing field, so to speak, for big and small companies.

Although I am hesitant about getting my own business started, the opportunities I am getting via online exposure seem to push me to formalize my business. They say that there is no such thing as waiting for the right time because the right time is now.¬†I wouldn’t want to be in a rush. I know I will get there.


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A New Beginning for Digital Detours

I have always been interested in photography even before I had access to resources. Oddly, I didn’t have the resources.

I first got hold of a camera when I was grade four. A group of visitors in our school asked me to take a picture of them. I was told to simply depress the button on top of the camera after peering through the whole. Common sense told me that what I see through the viewfinder would be what the output would look like.

Maybe I just learn very quickly that after that experience, I had always been asked to take pictures–in family, school, and church activities. And I loved it.

I have wanted to join the photojournalism competition in high school but the slot was alwyas given to those who have their cameras, I didn’t have mine so I just settled on writing contests, in which I never won.

In college, I had plenty of opportunities to take pictures  when I became a staff of the school publication. In some instances, I, myself took the pictures that accompanied my articles.

After graduation, I worked as a research and publication assistant in the univesity. most of my tasks involved covering events. It was my first time to get hold of a bit sophisticated digital camera. That experience strengthened my desire to learn the craft. So I read a lot about photography. I observe the styles of known photojournalists in the country. And of course, I practice whenever I get the chance.

Keeping this blog has helped me a lot in improving my craft. Starting this year, I will be sharing with you the new things I learn and other information related to photography, digital imaging, news and media, gadgets, as well as insights on fields related to these.

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