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Photos from the Fluvial Parade in Bula, General Santos City

parades. more fun in the philippines

IT’S ONLY on January 15 that you would see over 300 fishing vessels cruising Sarangani Bay in a seemingly choreographed manner. That’s all because of the Feast of Sto. Niño,  the patron saint of the people of Bula, General Santos City.



family bonding. more fun in the philippines

Not your ordinary day out with the kids. This father takes his kids out into the Sarangani Bay where fishing vessels wait for the fluvial parade to start.



hitching a ride. more fun in the philippines

One thing is sure– this man is a Kobe Bryant fan or at least one of his kin is. Devotees usually dress up their Niños during the feast, and this man chose a yellow Lakers jersey.

hitching a ride. more fun in the philippines

Finding a boat to ride during the fluvial parade is a difficult task. You are a chance passenger. No, it’s worse. You are a chance passenger who faces the risk of getting drowned. Your “pakura” (a banca) might just get overturned by the waves or unbalanced distribution of weight. You better be sure you know how to swim. Moreover, should you be lucky enough to find a vessel that will let you in, it might just be as crowded as this.

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Munato Monument

munato monument

THIS IS my second take of the monument representing the B’laan tribe that inhabits the hinterlands of Sarangani. They are believed to be the original people of Sarangani.

My first shot of the monument was made more than three years ago.


MunaTo 2009: The Pride of Sarangani’s Tri-People

THE MUNATO Festival of Sarangani is inspired by the anthropomorphic secondary burial jars found in Ayub Cave in Maitum, Sarangani Province. Carbon dating proved that these relics existed since the Metal Age.

Here are other photos I took using my cellphone at the Fabli Go Ni Trade Fair inside the Provincial Capitol Compound, Alabel, Sarangani Province.

First People


THIS IS the sculpture representing the culture of the indigenous people of Sarangani, located inside the Provincial Capitol of Sarangani Province.

I have seen this sculpture take shape few years ago. I was still studying then. We used to pass by this sculpture as we walk home from school.

I really admired the artist because the sculpture was done very quickly. Each day, we see great improvements and in no time, the figures of B’laan men and women on an oversized gong were clear. My classmate, who was the daughter of the mayor of Alabel told us that he knew who the artist was. His name is Kublai.

A while ago, I did a search to find if the artist has an online presence. Luckily, he was featured on I followed the feature and I was brought to a site. Here is his site and other works.

Morning Light

Morning Light

Mary’s white statue bathes in morning light

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