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Sunset Gradient

Sunset Gradient

The sky presented a beautiful gradient of colors from cool blue to bright orange. Afternoons at school are almost always like this. How lucky are we to witness this display.

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Kawas at Sunset

I WENT to Kawas Beach this afternoon to relieve my stress before going back to school tomorrow. I walked around, looking for subjects. I chose the mangrove area on the right side and also found some rocks nice scattered in the shallow water. I waited for the golden hour and took some shots.

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Sunrise at the Peak

sunrise at bundol peak

LAST WEEKEND, after the stressful seminar-workshop I facilitated for student journalists in the Division of Sarangani, I took a trip to Bundol Peak, in Barangay Bagacay, in my hometown,  Alabel, Sarangani Province. I just love watching the sun as it slowly rises above the mountains that are beginning to gain lush back again, probably a result of the greening project of the government.

Bundol Peak, being one of the highest points in the area, provides a good vantage point to view Sarangani Bay in the west, and the river and the mountains in the north.

Bundol peak, however, is at a risk of extinction because of the quarrrying activities that’s going on in the area. Although it has stopped now, I am sure, one day, the landowner will continue the works and we will eventually find Bundol Peak a barren flat land.

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WE WENT to Gumasa last weekend. Gumasa is known for its pristine white sand beaches that are likened to Boracay. There were plenty of driftwood and other decaying materials when we went there. There was a flood that hit the town of Glan where Gumasa is located. But they were quickly cleaned up by resort owners. Gumasa still has its enchanting beauty.

driftwood in Gumasa

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Hole in the Sky

END OF days. Second coming. Armageddon. That’s how it made me feel seeing this beam of light coming out in what seemed to be hole in the sky. Taken during my solo trek to Barangay Datal Anggas in my hometown.


hole in the sky

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