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Kawas at Sunset

I WENT to Kawas Beach this afternoon to relieve my stress before going back to school tomorrow. I walked around, looking for subjects. I chose the mangrove area on the right side and also found some rocks nice scattered in the shallow water. I waited for the golden hour and took some shots.

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Fun Photo Shoot at Kawas Beach

Kawas Beach


WHEN WE arrived at Kawas Beach for my family’s New Year’s Day celebration, I looked for a site where I can take some good pictures.  I easily spotted an area where there were no people. Usually, the beach teems with people on holidays. The Kawas cove is bordered with mangroves on both sides and we went to the right side which had rocks that I imagined would look good in photographs.

Only my nephew, who is a registered nurse, was game for a photo shoot so I tagged him along to help me out. We both became photographers and models. He is a natural. He is not timid to execute his own poses so instructing him wasn’t a problem. I also asked him to take pictures of me and I took courage to take off my shirt. LOL.

One reminder I gave him was to make sure that the horizon isn’t tilted so as not to spoil the pictures. Well, there might be some photographs where the horizon has to be titled, but not for the concept I had in mind.

Here are some our outputs:

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After the photo shoot, I have made the following realizations:

1. It is hard to be a photographer.

2. It is harder to be a model. *laughs*

We went back to our cottage with skin scorched by the heat of the sun but very pleased with how the photos turned out.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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